2019 Annual Awards Banquet
By P.I.O. Peri Duncan
October 8, 2019

The Fredericksburg Rescue Squad held its annual awards banquet Saturday evening at the Fredericksburg Hospitality House. The event was attended by the Active and Life members of the rescue squad, along with members of the Fredericksburg Fire Department.

Christina Skinner Rauch, paramedic and EMS Coordinator for Mary Washington Hospital was the guest speaker, sharing her experience and insight on leadership in emergency medical service. Ms. Rauch has been an integral part of EMS in Fredericksburg for over 30 years, first as a paramedic/firefighter for the Fredericksburg Fire Department, Executive Director at that Rappahannock EMS Council, and now in her position at MWH.

The Fredericksburg Rescue Squad Member of the Year was Sergeant Patrick Cobb. While working his paid position as an EMT for LIfeCare Medical Transport, Patrick has taken on the responsibilities of squad leadership, mentoring new members, and has donated 1,765 hours to the city this year, responding to 911 calls.

The Rescue Squad Junior Member of the Year (under 18 years of age) is Mackenzie Watterson. Mackenzie recently graduated from Colonial Forge High School in Stafford County and is now attending the University of Virginia. Mackenzie earned her Virginia EMT certification through CFHS while donating her time and demonstrating an enthusiastic commitment to the squad and the city.

The Chief’s Award was presented to Life Member and Assistant Chief Richard Depathy. Chief Depathy donates over 100 hours each month to ensure our ambulances are staffed, operational, and that the squad runs smoothly and efficiently.

The three members who have donated the most time to the squad and city responding to 911 calls are Sergeant Patrick Cobb (1765 hours), Sergeant Michael Lince (794 hours), and Sergeant Andrew Segovia (695 hours).

A special gift of flowers and our thanks was presented to Lt. William Allison of the Fredericksburg Fire Department, for providing assistance with programming, implementation, and training to our members on our updated LIfePak 15, an advanced cardiac monitor and defibrillator that is being installed on all our ambulances. We appreciate the partnership we share with the FFD.

Next year, the Fredericksburg Rescue Squad will be celebrating our 80th anniversary. We are proud to serve as an integral part of the city’s emergency responders since 1940, and look forward to a bright future supported by new generations of volunteers committed to public service.