Ride-Alongs Cancelled
By P.I.O. Peri Duncan
March 16, 2020

We regret that we must announce a suspension of our ride-along program through April 1st.

We will be contacting those individuals who have signed-up for shifts during the remainder of the month and letting them know they will need to be postponed.

We will keep you updated through this webpage and Facebook if anything changes or is extended.

Nevertheless, do not hesitate to sign-up to ride if you are interested; it just will not be scheduled until the status of the virus has improved.

Please: Wash your hands regularly, cough into your elbow or tissue, and if you are otherwise healthy, see your doctor if you are feeling under the weather. If you become seriously ill or are immunocompromised; have chronic respiratory disease; are very young or elderly; go to the Emergency Room or call 911. Emergency rooms throughout the country are being inundated, and people not seriously ill are sitting in crowded waiting rooms for long periods--the exact environment you do not want to find yourself in if not necessary.